Paris Feldenkrais Professional Training Program, organized by the association Centre de Formation Feldenkrais (CFF), will take place 2024-2028 in Paris. Classes are taught simultaneously in French and in English.

The program is co-directed by Paul Newton and Anne Candardjis, combining precision and creativity. The team of trainers, with no less than seven top names from all over the world, will work in harmony to bring the trainees up to the highest level of excellence.

In order to guarantee each trainee the attention, space and support they need, the group will not exceed 25 trainees.

The training is organized in 10, 15 and 20 days intensive segments. Between segments, the trainees get homework to do, topics and themes to think about and discuss. Study groups between trainees and more widely with other Feldenkrais practitioners will encourage sharing. It will enlarge their understanding of the Feldenkrais Method, and make them feel actors in the Feldenkrais community.

The specificity of our training program lies in the constant connection between Functional Integration and Awareness Through Movement classes, a back-and-forth movement between individual and group learning. From the very first training day, a close attention is brought to the quality of the touch and the understanding of the functional structure. Gradually, with our program based on Moshe's work, the trainees will develop their own creativity.

Located in a popular lively district, five minutes walk from the public transportation, the training offers the opportunity to learn efficiently with pleasure.