Centre de Formation Feldenkrais de Paris

279 rue de Belleville
75019 Paris - France

Myriam Audin, directrice administrative
+33(0)6 95 96 56 18

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  •  10/12/2023 11:00 - 10/12/2023 17:00
  •   45 Rue du Borrégo, 75020 Paris, France

Ce stage d'une journée s'intéresse à la liberté de la tête et à tous les éléments qui la rendent possible. Le stage est enregistré, vous recevrez les enregistrements a posteriori. Les tapis sont fournis, apportez votre propre couverture. Tarif : 88€ / 78€ Inscription: myriam@cff-paris.com 06 95 96 56 18

  •  21/01/2024 10:00 - 21/01/2024 17:00
  •   Paris, France
  •  18/11/2023 09:30
  •   5-7 Place Armand Carrel, Paris, France

You don’t know the Feldenkrais method yet? This is the opportunity to discover it and to discover yourself through gentle movements, guided orally, which make you aware of the way you use yourself in action. The question of symmetry will be at the center of this introductory course. The course at the Council Room of the 19th Town Hall is free and open to all, regardless of your physical condition (disability situation or confirmed athlete). 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. If you are already used to the Feldenkrias method, this course is for you too! The course will be simultaneously translated into English. Bring your sleeping mat and a folded bath towel or blanket for head support. Teacher: Myriam Audin

  •  23/10/2023 10:00 - 25/10/2023 17:00
  •   45 Rue du Borrégo, 75020 Paris, France

With Anne Candardjis, certified Feldenkrais Method trainer, dancer and choreographer

  •  21/10/2023 09:30
  •   5-7 Place Armand Carrel, 75019 Paris, France

During these open days on the theme of shoulder freedom, (re)discover classic lessons in Awareness through Movement as well as a demonstration of Functional Integration with a volunteer if you wish. We will answer all your questions regarding the Feldenkrais Method or professional practitioner training. Teacher: Myriam Audin Bring your floor mat and a bath towel or folded blanket to support your head.

  •  09/09/2023 10:00 - 09/09/2023 12:30
  •   43 rue du Borrego, 75020 Paris, France

The blooming lower back for a mobile neck: 2h30 course consisting of two group lessons of awareness through movement

  •  29/07/2023 10:00 - 29/07/2023 12:30
  •   43 rue du Borrego, 75020 Paris, France

For work or for leisure, we spend a large part of our days in a seated position. There are all sorts of theories on the "right way" to sit: a more or less high seat, using the backrest or not, "gainer"... And if our sitting depended on the organization of the skeleton in the field gravity?

  •  24/06/2023 14:00
  •   145 Rue de Belleville, Paris, France

Myriam Audin, professional violinist and certified Feldenkrais practitioner, invites you to this three-hour workshop consisting of Awareness Through Movement group lessons that will highlight: the hand as an integral part of the arm and rib cage, stability and the flexibility of your structure to accommodate the instrument, the role of the imagination in movement and in instrumental playing. Bring your instrument, a blanket or bath towel, your curiosity and your questions!

  •  10/06/2023 14:30
  •   14 Rue Joseph Bara, Tours, France

In this three-hour course, you will become aware of the link between breathing, stability and flexibility. At first, the breathing movements in different planes will make you aware of your structure. Once this has been clarified, the proposed movements will allow the release of breathing in all its possible spaces. A questioning of dogmas and received ideas on the "good ways" to breathe...